Tradional Railing


Post and spindles attach to the fascia board of the deck. A wide top rail can be installed that's ideal for plates or drinks. Alternative construction methods may have the 4x4 post extend above the top railing cap.

Similar construction to the standard style railing above with an added bottom rail that provides an additional space between the bottom of the railing and the deck.

Spindles attach to the outside of the top and bottom rail. Extended 4x4 post support the railing and add a decorative look. Ball tops or post caps can be added to the extended post for a more stylish appearance.

This is a similar style railing as the traditional railing with the exception of the extended post. A wide railing cap can also be installed that's ideal for plates or drinks. Decorative post tops can be added to the extended 4x4's post.

Spindles are installed between the top and bottom rails. Extended posts can accommodate decorative post tops.

A space under the top rail has been added to what would otherwise be a porch style railing. The top rail can have a wide rail cap, ideal for plates or drinks.

Similar construction to the porch railing. This particular railing style has turned spindles and newel post that add a more traditional look. Great for front porches and older homes.

Decorative railing sections are usually added as an accent section or sections and often used in combination with other railing styles.