Composite Decks

Vinyl Coated Steel:

This product is professionally installed modular, steel, flooring panel that’s dip coated in vinyl. It comes in many colors and retains its color with heavy amounts of UV inhibitor..

Composite: ( Plastic & Wood Mix)

These materials are usually 90%+ recycled. They are made from Polypropylene or Polyethylene (plastic bags or milk jugs) and sawdust or fine wood particles (wood flower). It takes about ten milk jugs and eight cups of saw dust to make one foot. It is manufactured under heat and pressure to encapsulate the wood in the plastic. These materials tend to lighten in color over the first six months unless they have a UV inhibitor.

100% Polyethylene:

These materials are usually 90%+ recycled milk jugs. They come in several different colors (white, brown, tan, green...) and will retain its color for many years with a UV inhibitor.

100% PVC / Vinyl:

PVC stands for Poly - Vinyl - Chloride. These products are not recycled plastic products. PVC is a very rigid plastic. It comes in a few colors ( white, tan, gray). Many manufacturers make this product in either a tongue-in-groove profile or interlocking profile so there are no surface nails or screws showing.


These are the most costly of all decking products. Aluminum has the least amount of expansion and contraction of all the man-made materials. They have a powder-coat paint finish. They also comes in a few colors (white, tan, gray). The manufacturers makes this product in an interlocking profile so there are no surface nails or screws showing. There are many powder-coated aluminum railing manufacturers that offer a glass insert or a 1/2" baluster for high visibility through the railings.

Laminated Vinyl Membrane

This is a laminated membrane consisting of a heavy-duty polyester fabric encapsulated between two vinyl films. Finish thickness of the membrane is about 50 mils.